Pioneer of the Tongui-dong gallery scene and specialising in representing contemporary Korean and Japanese artists, such as Naru Yoshitomo and Yayoi Kusama: one of Yayoi's 2m-tall dotted pumpkin sculptures stands in a courtyard outside one of the gallery's buildings.

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1. Gallery Simon

0.04 MILES

Exhibitions include sculptures and interesting installations. Has a chic top-floor cafe with views over hanok roofs.

2. Artside

0.04 MILES

Since 1999, Artside has taken a leading role in artistic exchange between Korea and China by regularly staging exhibits by contemporary Chinese artists…

3. Ryugaheon

0.06 MILES

Based in a restored hanok, Ryugaheon specialises in photography exhibitions, but you may also see other types of art here such as canvases of embroidered…

4. Daelim Contemporary Art Museum

0.11 MILES

Daelim specialises in exhibitions on photography, design and fashion. The building, which was originally a family house, was remodelled by French…

5. National Palace Museum of Korea

0.14 MILES

In a modern building in the southwest corner of Gyeongbokgung's compound, this museum displays royal artefacts that highlight the wonderful artistic…

6. Gyeongbokgung

0.18 MILES

Like a phoenix, Seoul’s premier palace has risen several times from the ashes of destruction. Hordes of tourists have replaced the thousands of government…

7. Gwanghwamun

0.24 MILES

The impressive main gate to Seoul's premier palace is flanked by stone carvings of haechi, mythical lion-like creatures traditionally set to protect the…

8. Hakgojae

0.34 MILES

This elegant gallery is easily spotted by the robot sculpture on the roof of its modern section. Entry is via the converted hanok building, which neatly…