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Seonjeongneung Park contains two main burial areas for kings and queens from the Joseon dynasty. The first tomb is for King Seongjong (r 1469–94), who was a prolific author and father. Nearby is the tomb of King Seongjong’s second wife, Queen Jeonghyeon Wanghu.

A 10-minute walk further on through the thickly wooded park is the tomb of King Seongjong and Queen Jeonghyeon’s second son, King Jeongjong, who reigned from 1506 to 1544. Although he ruled for 38 years he was a weak king and court factions held the real power, as they often did during the Joseon period. At this tomb you can see the full layout – the gateway and the double pathway to the pavilion where memorial rites were carried out – but you can’t go near the tomb.

There is another Joseon-dynasty tomb complex at Donggureung, about 20km northeast of Seoul.

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The most notable of the three royal tombs at Seonjeongneung park is that of King Seongjong (r 1469–94), who was a prolific author and father – he had 28…

3. King Jeongjong's Tomb

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The tomb of King Jeongjong (r 1506–44) is one of three royal burial areas at Seonjeongneung park. He was the second son of King Seongjong and Queen…

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