Jangsan Seowon


Closed when visited last, this rebuilt Confucian academy originally dates to the late 18th century. Look for the signs to the academy, indicated in hanja 章山書院. If it's not open, you can at least peer over the surrounding wall.

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1. Thirteen-Storey Stone Pagoda

0.18 MILES

Built upon a square base and tapering in stages to its top, this very attractive and unique pagoda dates to the 9th century and is located on the left…

2. Dongnakdang

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A 10-minute walk beyond Oksan Seowon up the valley road will bring you to Dongnakdang, a beautiful collection of well-preserved buildings, constructed in…

3. Oksan Seowon

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Established in 1572 in honour of Yi Eon-jeok (1491–1553), Oksan Seowon was one of the most important seowon, or Confucian academies. Enlarged in 1772, it…

4. Yongdamjeong

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A pavilion on Gumi-san, a mountain northwest of central Gyeongju, of the indigenous Korean religion Cheondoism.

7. Tomb of General Kim Yusin

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A royal tomb with 12 statues carved with the likeness of the signs of the Chinese zodiac watching over the resting place.

8. Seobongchong

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At Noseo-dong Tombs, the tomb of Seobongchong was erected between the 4th and 5th centuries. Excavation of the mound yielded a gold crown of Silla origin…