A pavilion on Gumi-san, a mountain northwest of central Gyeongju, of the indigenous Korean religion Cheondoism.

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2. Tomb of General Kim Yusin

4.06 MILES

A royal tomb with 12 statues carved with the likeness of the signs of the Chinese zodiac watching over the resting place.

3. Seobongchong

4.92 MILES

At Noseo-dong Tombs, the tomb of Seobongchong was erected between the 4th and 5th centuries. Excavation of the mound yielded a gold crown of Silla origin…

4. Geumgwanchong

4.96 MILES

At Noseo-dong Tombs, Geumgwanchong was built between the 4th and 5th centuries.

5. Bonghwangdae

5.02 MILES

Sprouting huge trees of vast girth, this is the largest extant Silla tomb – 22m high, with a 250m circumference. It's quite a picture at any time put…

6. Noseo-dong Tombs

5.03 MILES

Near the main shopping area is the Noseo-dong district, where you'll find Silla tombs. Seobongchong and Geumgwanchong are adjacent tombs built between the…

8. Beopjang-sa

5.08 MILES

This small one-hall Buddhist temple opposite the north gate to Tumuli-gongwon is worth a look-in, especially for the vividly-painted guardians painted on…