Daegu National Museum

Top choice in Daegu

This excellent museum has English labelling throughout most of its collection – and what a collection. Armour, jewellery, Buddhist relics from various different eras, Confucian manuscripts, clothing and textiles are all beautifully displayed in well-lit glass cases, and there’s normally at least a couple of temporary exhibits as well. From Banwoldang metro, take bus 414 or 349; or from Dongdaegu station take bus 414 from across the road on the bridge. The electric boards inside the bus announce ‘Nat’l Museum’.

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1. Daegu Hyanggyo Confucian School

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This tranquil Confucian School at the heart of Daegu is an oasis of introspective calm which dates to 1398 (though it was burned down by the Japanese and…

2. Church

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An unmistakable landmark in the area with its large cross.

3. Daedeok-sa

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A temple in Apsan-gongwon, southern Daegu.

4. Daeseong-sa

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A temple in Apsan-gongwon, southern Daegu, with a large, white standing stone Buddha.

6. Monument to the Old City Wall

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This monument records the existence of the old city wall that once ringed the town. The wall was pulled down in 1905, but its history survives in road…

7. Daegu Jeil Church

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