Cheongna Hill


Not far from Our Lady of Lourdes Cathedral is this very historic hilly area of Daegu, which contains various early-20th-century missionary houses and residences; it's a charming diversion into the city's European-style history and heritage. Note the colossal modern church right alongside the area.

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Nearby Daegu attractions

1. Our Lady of Lourdes Cathedral

0.11 MILES

An icon and motif of Daegu, this lovely cruciform church is quite a sight, with its twin spires. Originally constructed in wood, the first incarnation…

2. Daegu’s Herbal Medicine Market

0.14 MILES

This market, west of the central shopping district, has a history as vast as its scope. It dates from 1658, making it Korea’s oldest medicine market and…

3. Daegu Jeil Church

0.22 MILES

This red brick structure is one of the city's historic churches. Within the church is a fascinating history of the building and a collection of Bibles and…

5. Daegu Modern History Museum

0.42 MILES

Located within the fabulous former Joseon Siksan Bank building (check out the brickwork) which dates to 1918, this very educational museum gives you the…

6. Gyeongsanggamyeong Park

0.47 MILES

Once known as Central Park, this is a beautiful spot to flee from Daegu's modernity and fumes; it's a place of birdsong, where old folk and couples gather…

7. Monument to the Old City Wall


This monument records the existence of the old city wall that once ringed the town. The wall was pulled down in 1905, but its history survives in road…

8. Church

0.76 MILES

An unmistakable landmark in the area with its large cross.