Fernkloof Nature Reserve


This 15-sq-km reserve is wonderful if you’re interested in fynbos (literally 'fine bush' – shrubby plants with thin leaves). There’s a 60km network of hiking trails for all fitness levels, and views over the sea are spectacular. A hiking map is available from the tourist information office. Guided tours are available – book ahead.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Hermanus attractions

1. Bouchard Finlayson

1.73 MILES

This picturesque winery is best known for its superlative pinot noir. As well as wine tasting, there are gentle walks through fynbos vegetation on the…

2. Newton Johnson


As with other wineries in the region, the pinot noir really shines here. The real star, though, is the superb restaurant (mains R150 to R200), which…

3. Old Harbour

2.13 MILES

The harbour clings to the cliffs in front of the town centre and is the hub of Hermanus. You'll find three museums here: the Old Harbour Museum, Whale…

4. La Vierge

2.14 MILES

Offers tastings and lunch (mains R120 to R185) in its ubermodern winery decked out in hot pink and glass.

5. Old Harbour Museum

2.18 MILES

This museum doesn’t have a lot going for it, but outside there’s a display of old fishing boats and the admission fee includes entrance to the more…

6. Whale House Museum

2.22 MILES

There's lots of info on whales, including daily audiovisual shows. The admission fee is included in the ticket for the Old Harbour Museum and the…

7. Photographic Museum

2.23 MILES

There's a mildly interesting collection of photos from the Hermanus of yore at this small museum. The admission fee is included in the ticket for the Old…

8. Creation

5.56 MILES

Best known for its various wine-pairing options, which include a superb brunch pairing (R495) as well as tea pairings (R435) and even a juice pairing for…