Stanford Hills

Top choice in Western Cape

Taste the Jacksons pinotage here – a fine example of South Africa’s home-grown grape variety. There’s also charming self-catering accommodation available (cottages from R1100), a glamping option (single/double luxury tent R1290/1490) and a family-friendly restaurant (mains R95 to R120) offering a chalkboard menu of rustic fare. The views are marvellous.

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Nearby Western Cape attractions

1. Klein River Cheese Farm

0.54 MILES

The cheese from this farm has become wildly popular – the aged Gruyère is particularly good. Taste and buy a selection of cheese and put together your own…

2. Robert Stanford Estate

3.41 MILES

The white wines here are good, particularly the sauvignon blanc. There’s also a small distillery producing grappa and mampoer (moonshine) and a country…

3. Birkenhead Brewery

3.99 MILES

Birkenhead is one of the country's oldest microbreweries and one of its most scenic, with a lovely view of the Klein River Mountains. Sip your way through…

4. Creation

12.57 MILES

Best known for its various wine-pairing options, which include a superb brunch pairing (R495) as well as tea pairings (R435) and even a juice pairing for…

5. Walker Bay Nature Reserve

12.64 MILES

This coastal reserve has excellent hikes and is a prime birdwatching spot. The main attractions though, other than the ocean vistas, are the impressive…

6. Fernkloof Nature Reserve

14.85 MILES

This 15-sq-km reserve is wonderful if you’re interested in fynbos (literally 'fine bush' – shrubby plants with thin leaves). There’s a 60km network of…

7. Newton Johnson

15.4 MILES

As with other wineries in the region, the pinot noir really shines here. The real star, though, is the superb restaurant (mains R150 to R200), which…

8. Old Harbour

16.08 MILES

The harbour clings to the cliffs in front of the town centre and is the hub of Hermanus. You'll find three museums here: the Old Harbour Museum, Whale…