Štatenberg Manor


This vast 18th-century manor, built in baroque style, is 5km outside Makole (30km southwest from Ptuj). Guided tours around part of the palatial interior, including some frescoed salons, are possible with prior arrangement. There's also a bar and restaurant here open at weekends during the warmer months (bookings essential for meals).

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1. Basilica of the Patroness Mary

4.69 MILES

The pilgrimage Basilica of the Patroness Mary, in Ptujska Gora village 14km southwest of Ptuj, contains one of the most treasured objects in Slovenia: a…

2. Ana's Mansion

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This ambitious, though rather odd, museum is divided into several distinct sections including a water-based art installation, a collection of tree bark, a…

4. Tempel

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This lovely art-nouveau pavilion at the southern end of Zdraviliški trg was built in 1904. Today it's home to a couple of hum-drum boutiques.

5. Rogatec Open-Air Museum

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This is Slovenia’s largest skanzen (open-air village museum) with regular displays of traditional activities such as weaving, bread-making and stone…

6. Strmol Manor


This restored 15th-century castle in Rogatec (7km east of Rogaška Slatina) has exhibits in 15 rooms on five floors. There's a 17th-century chapel with…

7. Rogaška Glassworks

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Rogaška Slatina is as celebrated for its crystal glass as it is for its mineral water. Individuals are welcome to take a guided tour of the town's glass…

8. Dominican Monastery

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Carefully restored and newly reopened to the public, Ptuj's Dominican Monastery was first established in 1230, though much of its original medieval…