Lamut Art Salon

Southeastern Slovenia

Within a 15th-century manor house, the Lamut Art Salon, a branch of the Božidar Jakac Art Museum, hosts temporary exhibitions by contemporary artists.

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1. Church of St Nicholas

0.06 MILES

This tiny late-Gothic structure has a presbytery containing brightly coloured frescoes of scenes from the Old and New Testaments painted in 1931.

2. Old Town

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No one's going to get lost or tired touring the itsy-bitsy Old Town island of Kostanjevica – walk 400m up Oražnova ulica and 400m down Ulica Talcev and…

3. Parish Church of St James

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This 13th-century Romanesque building has a mostly baroque interior. Above the carved stone portal on the western side are geometric designs and…

4. Božidar Jakac Art Museum

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This is an unexpected treat: superbly varied art in a magnificent setting, surrounded by a garden full of sculptures. The museum's galleries showcase the…

5. Kostanjevica Cave

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This small cave, about 1.5km southeast of town, has 40-minute tours in spring, summer and autumn. The guide will lead you 250m in, past a small lake and…

6. Pleterje Monastery


Located 10km southwest of Kostanjevica na Krki, the enormous Pleterje Monastery belongs to the Carthusians, the strictest of all monastic orders. The…

7. Open-Air Museum Pleterje

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The little Open-Air Museum Pleterje, to the west of the Pleterje Monastery car park, has thatched peasant houses, hayracks, a pigsty and even an outhouse…

8. Otočec Castle

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Perched in the centre of the Krka River and reached via a wooden bridge, Otočec Castle, 1.5km east of Otočec village, showcases both late-Gothic and…