Church of St Clement


Just behind Punta lighthouse, the round, serrated tower of the Church of St Clement (originally built in the 13th century but altered 500 years later) evokes the ancient beacon from which Piran got its name. The door is usually left open and you can see inside through a grille.

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Nearby Piran attractions

1. Punta Lighthouse

0.01 MILES

Punta, the historical ‘point’ of Piran, still has a lighthouse, but today’s is small and relatively modern. Attached to it, however, is the round,…

2. Trg 1 Maja

0.13 MILES

Trg 1 Maja may sound like a socialist parade ground, but it was the centre of Piran until the Middle Ages, when it was called Stari trg (Old Square). The…

3. Municipal Hall

0.24 MILES

The porticoed 19th-century Municipal Hall (home to the tourist information centre) dominates the northwestern edge of Tartinijev trg.

4. Cathedral of St George

0.24 MILES

A cobbled street leads from behind the red Venetian House Tartinijev trg on to Piran's hilltop cathedral, baptistery and bell tower. The cathedral was…

5. Parish Museum of St George

0.24 MILES

The Parish Museum of St George includes the Cathedral of St George's treasury and catacombs; it also allows you to access the church's interior. Items of…

6. Aquarium Piran

0.24 MILES

The aquarium gets mixed reviews: overall it's small and overpriced, but may be something for a rainy day.

7. Court House

0.25 MILES

The Court House dominates the western edge of Tartinijev trg.

8. Venetian House

0.26 MILES

One of Piran’s most eye-catching structures is the mid-15th-century Gothic Venetian House, with its tracery windows and balcony, in the northeast of…