Revoltella museum building in the city center of Trieste.

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Museo Revoltella

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This extraordinary house-museum was the home of wealthy Triestini merchant Pasquale Revoltella, who made his fortune in the timber industry and had a hand in the Suez Canal. Aside from his lavish accommodation, he spent much of his money supporting contemporary Triestini artists, patronage that the city continues as part of his bequest. The result is an enormous collection of late 19th- and 20th-century art that now covers several floors in the adjoining Palazzo Brunner.

You’ll need several hours to browse the curious collection, which eschews the typical roll call of Italian artists for lesser-known Friuliano and Central European names. Look out for the impressively fleshy sculptures by Rovan Ruggero and standout portraits by Carlo Wostry, Isidoro Grunhut and Gino Parin. There's also a pretty rooftop cafe and a good bookshop.

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