Slovenian Alpine Museum

The Julian Alps

This modern, interactive museum dedicated to mountain exploration is a great rainy-day activity, especially for kids. There are movies showing off the beauty of the peaks, lots of climbing gear and even an escape room. The museum is located in Mojstrana, about 15km south of Kranjska Gora. It's the traditional starting point for the northern approaches to Mt Triglav.

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1. Mt Triglav

7.15 MILES

At 2864m, Mount Triglav is Slovenia's highest peak and a symbol of the country itself.

2. Liznjek House


The endearing 17th-century Liznjek House contains a good collection of traditional household objects and furnishings peculiar to this area. Among the…

3. Pokljuka Plateau

7.31 MILES

Close to Bled, the forests and meadows of the Pokljuka Plateau offer plenty of walking trails and winter-sports facilities. While Vintgar Gorge gets all…

4. Jasna Lake

7.39 MILES

Jasna Lake lies just south of Kranjska Gora, and if you're heading over the Vršič Pass it's the first spot of interest. It's a small, blue glacial lake…

6. Russian Chapel

8.08 MILES

This beautiful wooden Russian Orthodox chapel, at around 1100m approaching from Kranjska Gora, marks the spot where more than 300 Russian POWs persihed in…

7. Vintgar Gorge

8.67 MILES

One of the easiest and most satisfying half-day trips from Bled is to Vintgar Gorge, some 4km to the northwest of Bled village. The highlight is a 1600m…

8. Vršič Pass

9.06 MILES

Sitting at a view-enhanced elevation of 1611m, this mountain pass is about 13km southwest of Kranjska Gora, via a storied road that zigzags madly and…