Church of the Assumption of Virgin Mary

The Julian Alps

Kranjska Gora's late-Gothic church, at the centre of town, lends a dignified element to what is, in effect, a ski resort. The church's design dates from 1510 and the Gothic influence can be seen clearly in the ribbed vaulting. The doors are normally open daily from 9am to 6pm, though you can only enter the interior during Mass (times posted by the door).

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1. Liznjek House

0.18 MILES

The endearing 17th-century Liznjek House contains a good collection of traditional household objects and furnishings peculiar to this area. Among the…

2. Jasna Lake

0.61 MILES

Jasna Lake lies just south of Kranjska Gora, and if you're heading over the Vršič Pass it's the first spot of interest. It's a small, blue glacial lake…

3. Zelenci


About 5km west of Kranjska Gora, signed just off the main road, is this idyllic nature reserve and wetlands. It's the perfect leg-stretcher, with a short…

4. Russian Chapel

2.98 MILES

This beautiful wooden Russian Orthodox chapel, at around 1100m approaching from Kranjska Gora, marks the spot where more than 300 Russian POWs persihed in…

5. Vršič Pass

3.64 MILES

Sitting at a view-enhanced elevation of 1611m, this mountain pass is about 13km southwest of Kranjska Gora, via a storied road that zigzags madly and…

6. Alpinum Juliana

6.18 MILES

About 600 different plant species prosper in this botanical garden, established in 1926. Most of them are Alpine species, but because of the relatively…

7. Trenta


The elongated mountain village of Trenta (elevation 620m) is the main settlement along the road over the Vršič Pass. The lower section, Spodnja Trenta …

8. Trenta Museum

7.32 MILES

In the same building as the Triglav National Park Information Centre you’ll find the Trenta Museum, which focuses on the park's geology and natural…