Liznjek House

The Julian Alps

The endearing 17th-century Liznjek House contains a good collection of traditional household objects and furnishings peculiar to this area. Among the various exhibits are some excellent examples of trousseau chests covered in folk paintings, some 19th-century icons painted on glass and a collection of linen tablecloths (the valley was famed for its flax and for its weaving).

Antique carriages and a sled are kept in the massive barn out the back, which once housed food stores as well as pigs and sheep. The stable reserved for cows below the main building now contains a memorial room dedicated to the life and work of Josip Vandot (1884–1944). Vandot was a writer born in Kranjska Gora who penned the saga of Kekec, the do-gooder shepherd boy who, together with his little playmate Mojca and his trusty dog Volkec, battles the evil poacher and kidnapper Bedanec. It's still a favourite story among Slovenian kids and has been made into several popular films.