Old Castle Celje

Eastern Slovenia

The largest fortress in Slovenia, this castle is perched on a 407m-high escarpment about 2km southeast of the Old Town; the walk up via a footpath from Cesta na Grad takes about half an hour. The castle was originally built in the early 13th century and went through several transformations, especially under the Counts of Celje in the 14th and 15th centuries. A large portion of the walls remain intact and have been restored, including 23m-high Frederick's Tower (Friderikov Stolp).

When the castle lost its strategic importance in the 15th century it was left to deteriorate, and subsequent owners used the stone blocks to build other structures, including parts of the Princes' Palace and the Old Counts' Mansion. Due to this, there's not much inside, though concerts are staged and medieval-themed events take place in the warmer months.

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On the Savinja River's south bank, a stairway at Breg 2 leads to the Capuchin Church of St Cecilia. The Germans used the nearby monastery (now apartments)…

3. Temple of Hercules


Between the Capuchin Church of St Cecilia and City Park is the scant remains of the reconstructed Roman Temple of Hercules dating from the 2nd century AD.

4. Water Tower

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The Water Tower, built between 1451 and 1473, is part of the city wall and ramparts. Many of the blocks used are of Roman origin.

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This tower on the city walls dates from the 16th century.