Water Tower

Eastern Slovenia

The Water Tower, built between 1451 and 1473, is part of the city wall and ramparts. Many of the blocks used are of Roman origin.

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1. Abbey Church of St Daniel

0.07 MILES

Dating from the early 14th century, this church has some magnificent frescoes and tombstones, but its greatest treasure is a 15th-century carved wooden…

2. Josip Pelikan Photo Studio

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Looking like an oversized greenhouse (to let in the light), the Josip Pelikan Photo Studio is the complete studio of a pioneering early 20th-century Celje…

3. Glavni Trg


Glavni trg is the heart of the Old Town. It is filled with lovely townhouses dating from the 17th and 18th centuries. In the centre of the square is the…

4. Breg

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On the Savinja River's south bank, a stairway at Breg 2 leads to the Capuchin Church of St Cecilia. The Germans used the nearby monastery (now apartments)…

5. Defence Tower

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This tower on the city walls dates from the 16th century.

7. Roman Celeia

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In 2013 archaeologists unearthed the remnants of two late-3rd-century Roman villas, complete with surviving mosaic flooring, along Celje's main square…

8. Krekov Trg

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The mammoth Celje Hall, with its turreted neo-Gothic facade, dominates Krekov trg. It was built in 1907 as the social centre for German-speaking Celjani…