Church of St Lawrence

This main-street landmark has a pretty pale-yellow exterior and bell tower, and dates from the 1780s.

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1. Water Tower

0.09 MILES

Since 1914 this 46m-high water tower has been one of the town's most prominent landmarks, with its octagonal reservoir at the top looming over surrounding…

2. Posavje Museum

0.21 MILES

Housed in Brežice Castle, the Posavje Museum is one of provincial Slovenia’s richest museums, particularly for its archaeological and ethnographic…

3. Mokrice Castle

5.16 MILES

Mokrice Castle, 10km southeast of Brežice, is the loveliest fortress in the Posavje region. The castle dates from the 16th century, but there are bits and…

4. Podsreda Castle


Set amidst the hills of the Kozjansko region, Podsreda Castle is one of the best-preserved Romanesque fortresses in Slovenia. It looks pretty much the way…

5. Kostanjevica Cave

8.92 MILES

This small cave, about 1.5km southeast of town, has 40-minute tours in spring, summer and autumn. The guide will lead you 250m in, past a small lake and…

7. Church of St Nicholas


This tiny late-Gothic structure has a presbytery containing brightly coloured frescoes of scenes from the Old and New Testaments painted in 1931.

8. Old Town

9.24 MILES

No one's going to get lost or tired touring the itsy-bitsy Old Town island of Kostanjevica – walk 400m up Oražnova ulica and 400m down Ulica Talcev and…