Smederevo Museum


This small museum covers the history of Smederevo with artefacts including weapons from the nearby Smederevo Fortress and tombstones dating back to Roman times; there's also an on-site modern art gallery.

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1. Smederevo Fortress


Smederevo's huge, 25-tower fort on the Danube was constructed between 1428 and 1430 by Despot Ðurađ Branković, the last of Serbia's medieval rulers. Once…

2. Viminacium

15.65 MILES

Founded in 1 AD and sacked by the Huns in 5 AD, Viminacium was the capital of the Roman Empire's Moesia province and a military base during the Dacian…

3. Mt Avala

20.46 MILES

Looming over Belgrade and topped with the tallest tower in the Balkans (204.5m), Mt Avala is a city landmark that makes for a pleasant break from the…

4. Kosmaj Memorial

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Crowning the densely forested Kosmaj mountain (626m), this alien-like structure is a prime example of Yugoslav-era spomenik (memorial) architecture. Five…

5. Sveti Sava Temple

24.33 MILES

Sveti Sava is the Balkans' biggest (and the world's second biggest) Orthodox church, a fact made entirely obvious when looking at the city skyline from a…

6. Nikola Tesla Museum

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Meet the man on the 100RSD note at one of Belgrade's best museums, where you can release your inner nerd with some wondrously sci-fi-ish interactive…

7. Royal Compound

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Commissioned between the two world wars by soon-to-be-assassinated King Alexander I of Yugoslavia, the Royal and White Palaces in Belgrade's exclusive…

8. Jevremovac Botanical Gardens

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Belgrade's beautiful botanic gardens are a peaceful oasis in the hectic city; it's an exceedingly pleasant place to picnic, stroll or just loiter under…