Pentland Hills


Rising on the southern edge of Edinburgh, the Pentland Hills stretch 16 miles southwest to near Carnwath in Lanarkshire. The hills rise to 579m at their highest point and offer excellent, not-too-strenuous walking with great views. There are several access points along the A702 road on the southern side of the hills. MacEwan's bus 100/101/102/103 runs four to seven times daily along the A702 from Edinburgh Bus Station to Biggar.

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1. Hermitage of Braid

3.31 MILES

The Hermitage of Braid is a wooded valley criss-crossed with walking trails to the south of Blackford Hill – with sunlight filtering through the leaves…

2. Hermitage House


The visitor centre in Hermitage of Braid nature reserve explains the history and wildlife of the glen, and has details of nearby nature trails.

3. Blackford Hill

3.87 MILES

A patch of countryside enclosed by the city’s southern suburbs, craggy Blackford Hill (164m) offers pleasant walking and splendid views. The panorama to…

4. Gorgie City Farm

4.22 MILES

A working community smallholding with a range of farm animals (including woolly pigs!), a wildlife garden, a play park, a mini farm shop, and a pet lodge…

5. Rosslyn Chapel

4.23 MILES

Many years may have passed since Dan Brown's novel The Da Vinci Code and the subsequent film came out, but floods of visitors still descend on Scotland's…

6. Edinburgh Zoo

4.34 MILES

Opened in 1913, Edinburgh Zoo is one of the world's leading conservation zoos. Edinburgh's captive breeding program has helped save many endangered…

7. The Meadows


This mile-long stretch of lush grass criss-crossed with tree-lined walks was once a shallow lake known as the Borough Loch. Drained in the 1740s and…

8. Corstorphine Hill

5.01 MILES

The most westerly of Edinburgh’s seven hills, and the city’s largest woodland, Corstorphine offers steep (but short) ascents, venerable woodland and…