Hermitage House


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1. Blackford Hill

0.28 MILES

A patch of countryside enclosed by the city’s southern suburbs, craggy Blackford Hill (164m) offers pleasant walking and splendid views. The panorama to…

2. Hermitage of Braid

0.38 MILES

The Hermitage of Braid is a wooded valley criss-crossed with walking trails to the south of Blackford Hill – with sunlight filtering through the leaves…

3. The Meadows

1.51 MILES

This mile-long stretch of lush grass criss-crossed with tree-lined walks was once a shallow lake known as the Borough Loch. Drained in the 1740s and…

4. Summerhall

1.55 MILES

The Summerhall cultural centre houses several permanent art displays, and stages changing exhibitions of contemporary art.

5. Gorgie City Farm

1.69 MILES

A working community smallholding with a range of farm animals (including woolly pigs!), a wildlife garden, a play park, a mini farm shop, and a pet lodge…

6. George Heriot’s School

1.81 MILES

One of the most impressive buildings in the Old Town, this school was built in the 17th century with funds bequeathed by George Heriot (goldsmith and…

7. Flodden Wall

1.82 MILES

At the western end of the Grassmarket, a narrow close called the Vennel leads steeply up to one of the few surviving fragments of the city wall that was…

8. Greyfriars Kirk

1.87 MILES

One of Edinburgh's most famous churches, Greyfriars Kirk was built on the site of a Franciscan friary and opened for worship on Christmas Day 1620…