Irbensky, floating lighthouse, museum ship in exposition of Museum of World Ocean over backdrop of Planet Ocean exhibition building on the Pregolya River.

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Museum of the World Ocean

Top choice in Kaliningrad

Strung along the banks of the Pregolya River are several ships, a submarine, maritime machinery and exhibition halls that together make up this excellent museum. The highlight is the handsome former scientific expedition vessel Vityaz, moored alongside the Viktor Patsaev, with its exhibits relating to space research; visits to this are by guided tour (included in the admission price; every 45 minutes). The pre-atomic B-413 submarine gives a taste of what life was like for its 300 former inhabitants.

A restored storehouse has interesting displays on the seafaring history of Kaliningrad, as well as the remains of a 19th-century wooden fishing boat. There’s also a pavilion with a sperm whale skeleton, and halls with small aquariums and general information about the ocean.

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