The Amber Museum, inside the Dohna Tower.

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Amber Museum

Top choice in Kaliningrad

Housed in the 19th-century Dohna Tower on the southern shore of the Upper Pond (Верхний пруд), this is a terrific introduction to the 'sunstone' – detailing how amber is formed, how it defined prehistoric trade routes, as well as how to differentiate imitations from the real deal. There are more than 6000 amber exhibits, including marvellous works of art by contemporary Kaliningrad craftspeople, plus reconstructed centuries-old goblets and caskets, a whopping 4.28kg amber nugget and ancient specimens of prehistoric insects and plants fossilised in resin.

The museum has a terrific selection of amber jewellery to choose from, including delicate earrings and chunky pendants, as well as true works of art.

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