Baron Munchausen Monument

This amusing statue, in Central Park, roughly behind the Teatr Kukol Puppet Theatre, commemorates the tall-tale-telling Baron's alleged visit to Kaliningrad.

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1. Vladimir Vysotsky Monument

0.08 MILES

The Soviet-era singing sensation is depicted here seated and holding his guitar. Find the monument near the entrance to Central Park.

2. Central Park

0.12 MILES

This forest-like park, on the grounds of an old German cemetery, has statues, funfair rides and an amphitheatre hosting summer concerts.

3. Amalienau


Amalienau (to the city’s west along pr Mira) is Kaliningrad's most beautiful neighbourhood and offers visitors a glimpse of the city's prosperous pre-WWII…

4. Altes Haus

0.26 MILES

This unique museum is housed in a 1912-era apartment house, which has been restored to its former state of early-20th-century Königsberg glory and stuffed…

5. Cosmonaut Monument

0.27 MILES

The Cosmonaut Monument is a gem of Soviet iconography honouring several cosmonauts from the region.

6. Woody Allen Monument

0.33 MILES

This simple sculpture, a bronze hand holding Woody's signature spectacles, is a witty local tribute to the man born 'Allen Konigsberg'. To find it, walk…

7. Kaliningrad Zoo

0.46 MILES

This is one of the city's most popular attractions for families, so expect lines on the weekends. The zoo dates from 1896, when it was founded as the…

8. Ploshchad Pobedy


The city’s central square has come a long way since 1934, when it was known as Adolf-Hitler Platz. Today it's surrounded by shopping malls and the rather…