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$169 Day Trips & Excursions

Day tour to Suzdal and Vladimir from Nizhny Novgorod

  A driver will meet you at your hotel in Nizhny Novgorod and take you to the railway station where you will get a high-speed train to Vladimir. At Vladimir Station another driver and your guide will meet you to take you on an excursion around Vladimir and tell you about its history and show you its beautiful buildings.  After the excursion you will have lunch in Vladimir (not included in the price) and then have a transfer to Suzdal which is just 35km from Vladimir, but you will feel as though you have travelled back in time a couple of centuries. Here you will visit the most famous sites in the city and then have one hour of free time in the city before being driven back to Vladimir to catch another high-speed train back to Nizhny Novgorod.  You should be back in your hotel by around 22:30, although it is possible to have a shorter excursion if you wish to get back to Nizhny Novgorod earlier.

$35.42 Cultural & Theme Tours


Spasskaya Tower gate serves as the main entrance to the Kremlin. First of all, you will go along Sheykman Street. A tour guide will tell you the Bulgarians history and the facts connected with the foundation and disintegration of the Kazan Khanate.Then you will visit the complex of the Saviour's Transfiguration Monastery, take a picture of the Kazan Kremlin architects monument, see the Khan's mausoleums, famous Syuyumbike (a leaning tower) and a cannon court complex. During the tour of the Kremlin you will definitely visit the Kul-Sharif mosque, which is the main mosque of Kazan. It is interesting for its architectural features, interior decoration and even because of its location.The Kremlin is shrouded in a lot of interesting stories about Queen Syuyumbike and her extraordinary destiny, the routes of the emperors. "Secret passages", mosques, cathedrals, which are the most fascinating things for any traveler.On the pedestrian Bauman Street you will see the oriental clock, decorated with figures from the Tatar fairy tales, “Fyodor Shalyapin” monument (THE FIRST IN THE WORLD!), fountain compositions, the Drama Theater building (erected over 100 years ago), the exact copy of the carriage that belonged to Empress Catherine the Great.Walking along the pedestrian street you can’t miss the Kazan Cat monument and the "Zero milestone of Kazan" with the alley of stars. Tourists will be curious to know about the underground passageways, the gold reserve of our country. You will receive answers to the following questions: why does the Bogoyavlenskaya (Epiphany) bell tower have such a height? What building looks like an unfolded book?

$88.55 Cultural & Theme Tours

Kazan Raifa Monastery

The name "Raifa" (Hebrew) is translated as "God kept." Indeed, it seems like the higher forces guard this monastery.The image of this shrine silhouettes quite clearly as a small stone church with the square basement and the entrance, which is slightly raised above the ground. In fact, it was a tower served as a place for worship and a shelter in the case of danger as well.The guide will tell you about the monastery origin, an exact copy of the Georgian Icon of the Mother of God, which is still considered to be the main shrine of the monastery since the seventeenth century.The singing of the church choir "Parable" and a leisurely walk along the lake shore will give you the special delight.

$168.84 Private & Custom Tours

Private tour of Sviyazhsk island

Sviyazhsk is located in the water area of three rivers, which are the Volga, the Sviyaga and the Schuka, and is based as a powerful fortress. The city has preserved numerous monuments of ancient Russian architecture, Orthodox culture and history.You will have a panoramic walking tour on the island. For several centuries the city was an Orthodox shrine for all Russians. You will examine the complex of the Assumption Monastery, have a chance to capture the most ancient Trinity Church in our country.A professional guide will help you to get acquainted with the stunning monuments of the island architecture, authentic frescoes of the 16th century, you will get into the enchanting atmosphere of a county town with an amazing history, legends, characters and beautiful landscapes.Every street, every house will tell you their own story here, and the temples of Sviyazhsk will narrate about the greatest man-made creations, about talented architects-Pskovians, who brought to us the unique beauty of white-stone monasteries.

$35.42 Transfers & Ground Transport

Private airport transfer from standard to executive class in Kazan

If you are travelling with up to 3 people, you will be picked up in a car of chosen class and if you are travelling with up to 6 people we recommend to book a minivan. What we offer: Cars of standard to executive class; Meet at the airport near arrival gates; Assistance with luggage; Charge-free waiting if flight delayed; Charge-free kids’ booster seats. Please inform us if you need one in booking details; Non-smoking cars. It doesn't matter if you are travelling alone or with family, a private transfer is possible for all of these scenarios. The advantage is that only you and those in your party are in the vehicle.

$1334 Shows, Concerts & Sports

Watch the Best Football in Russia - 3-night Package in Kazan

Arrive to the City of Kaza and head down to your hotel located in the center of the town. After the check in, you will have three nights at this confortable and well located hotel, breakfast included. The Kazan Arena will be hosting the following matches:Saturday, June 16th: France vs Australia Wednesday, June 20th: Iran vs SpainSunday, June 24th: Poland vs ColombiaTuesday, June 26th: Korea vs GermanyWe will include the night of accommodation for the day of the match and two extra nights after or before according to your convenience. In case you you don´t have bought your tickets yet, we will assist you on how to get your official tickets for your selected match.