Narzan Gallery

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This graceful, well-preserved 1850s building recalls the spa town of Bath in England. Inside, the rich, carbonic Narzan Spring bubbles up inside a glass dome and spits out mineral-rich water – both hot and cold – into more than a dozen fountains. It doesn't taste that bad, and if you come here, you’re obliged to have a cup, so drink up! Narzan means ‘Drink of Brave Warriors’ in Turkish.

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1. Colonnade

0.08 MILES

Marking the southern entrance to Kurortny Park is this broad white-washed colonnade. Next to it, when the weather is good, local artists and craftspeople…

2. Lermontov Monument

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Near the Colonnade entrance to Kurortny Park is this multilevel monument to 19th-century writer Mikhail Lermontov. Caged in a grotto at ground level is an…

3. Fountain

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An Italian company designed this circular fountain that performs a dramatic music and lights show (with even the occasional burst of fire!) every evening…

4. Narzan Baths

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The Moorish exterior of the Narzan Baths, dating from 1904, is looking very handsome after a recent restoration. Unfortunately, the building has been…

5. Chaliapin Dacha Literary Museum

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The legendary Fyodor Chaliapin (1873–1938) lived in this palatial wood and stained-glass villa in 1917. Now a museum, it features paintings and photos of…

7. St Nicholas Cathedral

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8. Yaroshenko Museum

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The highlight of this museum, which is based in three attractive wooden houses in lovely gardens, is the 'White Villa' (Belaya Villa), housing a small but…