Mt Mashuk

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There's a fantastic view of Pyatigorsk, and all the way to Mt Elbrus on good weather days, from the 993m summit of Mt Mashuk. You can reach here either by hiking up a tree-shaded road or – easier – riding the cable car. The best views of Elbrus are early in the morning but it's also a lovely spot to come to for sunset.

If you’re hoofing it, Mt Mashuk is about a 45-minute climb from the cable-car station. You can also rent bicycles next to the lower cable-car station.

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Nearby Mineral Water Spas attractions

1. Proval

0.68 MILES

On the south slope of Mt Mashuk, the Proval natural spring lies hidden inside a cavern. There is a religious icon on the wall inside. Outside, a bronze…

2. Academic Gallery

0.71 MILES

This attractive classical building is perched above the eastern terminus of pr Kirova. It was built in 1851 to house one of Pyatigorsk’s best-known…

3. Insect Museum

0.71 MILES

This small museum houses a small collection of critters (spiders, snakes, frogs) as well as a lovely butterfly collection from around the globe.

4. Lermontov Museum

0.88 MILES

Many Pyatigorsk attractions revolve around larger-than-life writer, poet, painter, cavalry soldier, society beau and duellist Mikhail Lermontov. Chief…

5. Park Tsvetnik

0.91 MILES

This lovely wooded park with many architectural and monumental features forms a 1km-long arc around the eastern end of pr Kirova on the lower slopes of Mt…

6. Drinking Gallery

0.93 MILES

You can sample the local mineral water (small/large cups R2/5) here. It tastes rather sulphurous, but the best reasons for dropping in are the wonderful…

7. Lermontov Duel Site

0.93 MILES

In a clearing on the forested western flank of Mt Mashuk is a monument marking the Lermontov duel site. The exact spot is unknown, but it is thought to be…

8. University

0.97 MILES

Adjacent to the drinking gallery is the university, which has some expressive gargoyles and bas-reliefs on its upper facade.