Mineral Water Spas

Adjacent to the drinking gallery is the university, which has some expressive gargoyles and bas-reliefs on its upper facade.

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Nearby Mineral Water Spas attractions

1. Drinking Gallery

0.07 MILES

You can sample the local mineral water (small/large cups R2/5) here. It tastes rather sulphurous, but the best reasons for dropping in are the wonderful…

2. Spa Research Institute

0.08 MILES

The striking, classical-style Spa Research Institute, built in 1828 and rebuilt in 1955, was once Restoratsiya, the town’s first hotel and scene of the…

4. Diana's Grotto

0.13 MILES

This is a favourite viewing and strolling spot for locals.

5. Bronze Eagle

0.15 MILES

A network of paths in Park Tsvetnik leads to this much-photographed bronze eagle sculpture at the top of a hill.

6. Lermontov Museum

0.21 MILES

Many Pyatigorsk attractions revolve around larger-than-life writer, poet, painter, cavalry soldier, society beau and duellist Mikhail Lermontov. Chief…

7. Park Tsvetnik

0.22 MILES

This lovely wooded park with many architectural and monumental features forms a 1km-long arc around the eastern end of pr Kirova on the lower slopes of Mt…

8. Insect Museum


This small museum houses a small collection of critters (spiders, snakes, frogs) as well as a lovely butterfly collection from around the globe.