Church of Peter the Metropolitan

Golden Ring

This white-brick, tent-roofed church at the southwestern corner of Krasnaya pl was built in 1585, financed by Ivan the Terrible to replace an older wooden church on the same site. It was renovated in 1957.

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1. Krasnaya Ploschad

0.08 MILES

This grassy square off the main road is at the heart of what was once Prince Yury Dolgoruky’s kremlin. At one end is the 1152 Cathedral of the…

3. Trubezh River

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The peaceful Trubezh, winding 2km from the kremlin to the lake, is fringed by trees and narrow lanes; in nice weather, you might see locals kayaking its…

4. Forty Martyrs’ Church

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Built in 1755, this lakeside church is named for the Forty Martyrs of Sebaste, a group of Roman soldiers who froze to death on a wintry lake in present…

5. Radio Museum

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Even if you can't understand Russian, if you love gadgets check out this two-storey museum packed with dozens of old radios, TV sets and film cameras,…

6. Assumption Cathedral


Hearing your footsteps echoing in the gloom as you walk through this empty, unrestored cathedral (built 1744) within Goritsky Monastery makes it almost…

7. Belfry of the Church of the Epiphany

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A walk of several flights up brings you to the top of the belfry of this former church in the Goritsky Monastery, from where you can be wowed by 360…

8. Goritsky Monastery

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This large hilltop monastery 2.5km south of the centre was founded in the 14th century, though the oldest buildings today are the 17th-century gates, gate…