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A fraction north of the city center, in the shadow of El Vigía, Ponce's city cemetery is a grand mid-19th-century conglomeration of – unusually – both Catholic and Protestant tombs. The most famous residents are Juan Morel Campos, considered the finest exponent of the Puerto Rican danza, and the famous tenor Antonio Paoli.

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1. Casa Wiechers-Villaronga

0.25 MILES

Perhaps the most grand of Ponce’s historical homes, this mansion was designed by Paris-educated ponceño architect Alfredo Wiechers. The carefully…

2. El Vigía

0.27 MILES

It doesn’t really compare with the hilltop cross in Rio de Janeiro, but the 100ft reinforced-concrete Cruceta del Vigía looking over Ponce is one of the…

3. Museo Castillo Serrallés

0.28 MILES

On the same property as the mammoth El Vigía, Museo Castillo Serrallés was the home of Ponce’s rum dynasty, the Serrallés family. Guides lead bilingual…

4. Catedral Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe

0.35 MILES

The twin bell towers of this striking cathedral and local landmark cast an impression of noble piety over Ponce's Plaza Las Delicias. The cathedral…

5. Parque de Bombas

0.36 MILES

Ponceños (people from Ponce) claim that the eye-popping Parque de Bombas is Puerto Rico’s most frequently photographed building, which is not too hard to…

6. Plaza Las Delicias

0.37 MILES

Within this elegant square you’ll discover Ponce's heart as well as two of the city’s landmark buildings, Parque de Bombas and Catedral Nuestra Señora…

7. Fuente de los Leones

0.38 MILES

A lovely fountain in the middle of the Plaza Las Delicias – a survivor from the 1939 World Fair.

8. Casa Alcaldía

0.41 MILES

Facing the southern side of Plaza Las Delicias, Ponce’s city hall was built in the 1840s. The last public hanging on the island happened in its courtyard,…