Lookout Tower

Puerto Rico

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2. Corozo Salt Flats

0.08 MILES

Vast salt flats surround the rocky, dramatic narrow peninsula that heralds the approach to the southwestern tip of Puerto Rico. These are truly…

3. Playa Santa

1.42 MILES

From the same parking space as that of Los Morrillos Lighthouse, or from another further on down the track bending left from the lighthouse-approach track…

4. Los Morrillos Lighthouse

1.51 MILES

From this smartly remodeled lighthouse at the bone-rattling end of Hwy 301, there's not much further you can go: you're as south as it gets in Puerto Rico…

5. Playa Combate


This is the long golden strip of sand heading south from Annie's Place at the point where Hwy 3301 hits the sea. Walk a short distance along and you'll…

8. Refugio de Boquerón

4.55 MILES

The Refugio de Boquerón is the western outpost of the Bosque Estatal de Boquerón, a 400-acre patch of mangrove wetlands that mostly spreads south of…