Refugio de Vida Silvestre Iris L. Alameda Martínez de Boquerón

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Drive south from Boquerón along Hwy 301 and you will arrive at the main entrance to this reserve at Km 1.1, an area encompassing beguiling mangrove forest with a visitor center and well-maintained boardwalk trails. There are also routes for mountain bikes. The proximity of the mangroves makes the walkways like tunnels through the dense, otherworldly vegetation.

In hunting season, October to December, trails are closed on certain days. The intrepid can plan a hike or bike along trails here all the way to Boquerón through the Bosque Estatal de Boquerón (a separate reserve) if they choose.

Another portion of this reserve lies further east along Hwy 101, around Laguna Cartagena.

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