Parque Temático da Madeira


An engaging place to take the kids, this Madeira-themed park has a boating lake, a maze, a Monte train, mock-ups of Santana A-Frame houses, a large kiddies playground, some Madeira-specific exhibitions and a cafe. It's all quite informative but probably not worth a special trip from Funchal.

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1. Thatched A-Frame Cottages

0.26 MILES

This group of A-framed cottages stands in the centre of Santana and houses the tourist office, among other things. More authentic examples in various…

2. Porta da Cruz

3.86 MILES

The furthest point heading eastwards you can reach on the north coast before mammoth cliffs persuade the road to head inland, Porta da Cruz is a…

3. Balcões

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A 1.5km easy and well-signposted climb out of the village of Ribeiro Frio brings you to one of the most spectacular viewing points on the whole of Madeira…

4. Ribeiro Frio Trout Farm

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Apart from being the launch pad for some great mountain walks, Ribeiro Frio's other attraction is what must be the world's most visited trout farm…

5. Ribeiro Frio

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'Cold River' village, deep in the mountains but under the tree line, is the chilly jumping off point for some levada walks and has a couple of cosy…

6. Pico do Arieiro

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You can drive to the top of Pico do Arieiro, Madeira's third highest mountain. At the top you'll find a cafe, a Portuguese Air Force radar station and…

7. Igreja do Bom Jesus

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The fishing village of Ponta Delgada, 30km west of Santana, is worth a brief halt for its authentic remoteness and to visit the baroque Igreja do Bom…

8. Curral das Freiras

7.32 MILES

Dramatically set at the bottom of a mammoth cauldron of rock, the village of Curral das Freiras is one of the most popular daytrips from Funchal. Some…