Mercado dos Lavradores

Top choice in Funchal

Built in 1940 by architect Edmundo Tavares, Funchal's art deco market is one of its top attractions as well as still serving as the island's best fresh food market. Adorned with azulejos (hand-painted tiles) from the mainland, this is the place to experience some of the unique produce Madeira grows on its terraced fields and plucks from the Atlantic.

Flowers dominate the entrance, friendly ladies in Madeiran national costume offering all kinds of triffid-like blossoms. The main rump of the market is given over to fruit and veg, though with all those cruise passengers around, a lot of souvenir material has crept in in recent years. Down steps from the main building is the fish market, busy up until lunch with Funchal's fish merchants gutting and filleting their way through the previous night's catch of scary-looking scabbardfish.

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