Old Town Hall

Top choice historic building in Wrocław

This grand edifice took almost two centuries (1327–1504) to complete, and work on the 66m-high tower and decoration continued for another century.

The eastern facade reflects three distinct stages of the town hall’s development. The segment to the right, with its austere early-Gothic features, is the oldest, while the delicate carving in the section to the left shows elements of the early Renaissance style. The central 16th-century section is topped by an ornamented triangular roof adorned with pinnacles.

The astronomical clock, made of larch wood and showing the time and phases of the moon, was built in 1580.

The southern facade, dating from the early 16th century, is the most elaborate, with three projections, a pair of ornate bay windows and carved stone figures.

The western elevation is the most austere, apart from the early-baroque portal (1615) leading to the Museum of Bourgeois Art. The museum’s Gothic interiors are every bit as magnificent as the building’s exterior, particularly the Great Hall (Sala Wielka) on the 1st floor, with carved decorations from the second half of the 15th century. Adjoining it is the Princes' Room (Sala Książęca), which was built as a chapel in the mid-14th century. The historic rooms house several exhibitions, including the Wrocław Treasury (Wrocławski Skarb) of gold- and silverware from the 16th to 19th centuries.