Aula Leopoldinum


On the first floor of the main building of the University of Wrocław, this ceremonial hall is Wrocław's most beautiful baroque interior, embellished with elaborate stuccoes, sculptures, paintings and a trompe l'oeil ceiling fresco. The more modest Oratorium Marianum, on the ground floor, is included in the admission fee, as is the Mathematical Tower, topped with a sphere and decorated with allegorical figures.

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1. University of Wrocław

Established by the Jesuits in the early 18th century, the University of Wrocław's main edifice was built between 1728 and 1742. While it's very much a…

2. Church of the Holy Name of Jesus

0.05 MILES

Wrocław University's baroque-rococo church is arguably the most beautiful in the city. It was built by the Jesuits in the 1690s on the site of the former…

3. Cathedral of SS Vincent and James


The Gothic Cathedral of SS Vincent and James was originally a Romanesque basilica, founded in the early 13th century. The largest church in the city, it's…

4. Church of St Elizabeth

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This 14th-century Gothic basilica has a triple nave reaching to 30m and is lined by medieval chapels. It's one of Wrocław's most imposing churches, with a…

5. Hansel & Gretel

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Set in the northwestern corner of the Rynek are two charming houses known locally as Jaś i Małgosia, better known to English and German speakers as Hansel…

6. Cathedral of St Mary Magdalene


One block east of the Rynek is this mighty Gothic red-brick cathedral, dating to the 14th century. Its showpiece is a Romanesque portal from around 1280…

7. Military Museum

0.31 MILES

Appropriately housed within the squat brick Arsenal, this collection of militaria includes four rooms with exhibits from the 17th to the 20th centuries; a…

8. Church of Our Lady on the Sand

0.31 MILES

This lofty 14th-century building dominates the tiny islet known as Sand Island (Wyspa Piasek). Almost all the fittings were destroyed during WWII and the…