Berlin Wall


Near the mammoth headquarters of Solidarność on Wały Piastowskie stands a lonely piece of the Berlin Wall. Next to it stands the wall Lech Wałȩsa climbed over in 1980 to get into the shipyard.

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Nearby Gdańsk attractions

2. European Solidarity Centre

0.26 MILES

Opened in 2014, and housed in a truly awful example of 21st-century architecture (its rusty steel plates were designed to evoke ships under construction),…

3. Gdańsk Shipyard

0.27 MILES

Gdańsk’s former Lenin Shipyard is a key fragment of 20th-century European history. It was here that the first major cracks in Eastern Europe’s communist…

4. Old Town Hall

0.27 MILES

The Old Town Hall was once the seat of the Old Town council. A well-proportioned Renaissance building crowned with a high central tower typical of its…

5. Great Mill

0.29 MILES

Standing conspicuously opposite St Catherine’s Church, the Great Mill certainly lives up to its name. Created by the Teutonic Knights in northern Poland’s…

6. St Catherine's Church

0.31 MILES

The largest monument of the Old Town is St Catherine’s Church, Gdańsk's oldest, which was begun in the 1220s. It was the parish church for the entire town…

7. St Bridget's Church

0.31 MILES

Founded over 700 years ago, St Bridget’s was reduced to medieval brick dust in 1945, and until 1970 only the outer walls were left standing. Very little…

8. Sala BHP

0.32 MILES

The Sala BHP is the former Health and Safety building where the 21 demands were signed off and where strikes were coordinated. The hall has been left…