Ulica Mariacka


ulica Mariacka (St Mary Street).

Getty Images/Lonely Planet Images

The most atmospheric of all Gdańsk's streets and one of Poland’s most photogenic lanes is this length of cobbles between the waterfront St Mary’s Gate and the red-brick hulk of St Mary’s Church. Almost completely re-created after WWII, mostly on the basis of old documents, photographs and illustrations, every ornamental detail unearthed from the debris, including countless scary gargoyles, was incorporated.

It’s the only street with a complete row of terraces, which lends the scene enormous charm. In recent years things have really come to life, with several artisan amber jewellery shops, some great cafes and bars, and one of northern Poland’s most characterful hotels (Kamienica Gotyk). Some of the best stalls are set up here during the Dominican Fair.