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When travelling, it makes sense to think of Negros in north–south terms, however politically, it's divided into two provinces lying on either side of a central mountain range. To the west lies Negros Occidental – its capital is Bacolod and language Ilonggo. To the east is Negros Oriental, with its capital Dumaguete, and where people speak Cebuano.

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Lakawon Island Day Tour from Bacolod City

The pure white sand of Lakawon Island Resorts and Spa is a haven of peace and relaxation and a place for one to rejuvenate. An air of tranquility is adorned with shady coconut trees and no better spot to watch the gentle waves far from the noise and congestion of the modern world. The distinctive atmosphere is evident throughout the resort, from the warm and welcoming staff to the woven roofs of each cottage. Lakawon Island Resorts is scattered within 16 hectares offering all the comforts of home available in our spacious accommodations. Lakawon Island Resorts and Spa is an oasis of tropical serenity located on the northern part of Negros Occidental. Accessible only by boat, your Lakawon experience begins dockside as you are greeted by our staff and a superb cuisine served at our Sunset Bar.Whether on a getaway, honeymoon or just the desire to relax and rejuvenate, Lakawon Island Resort and Spa is the perfect island persuasion.

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Siquijor Island

Siquijor is an island province located at the Central Visayas Region of the Philippines. It is composed of six towns; Enrique Villanueva, Larena, Lazi, Maria, San Juan and Siquijor. The island is bordered on the northwest by Cebu and Negros islands, on the northeast by Bohol, and on the south by the northern Mindanao provinces of Misamis Occidental (Dapitan) and Zamboanga del Norte (Dipolog). Often dubbed as, the Isla del Fuego (the island of fire) due to the glow it gives off during sundown as multitude of fireflies gather on the molave trees off the island, it is a place of mystery and mysticism especially for older generations who believes in witchcraft and sorcery. And indeed, the said practice is still being observed in Siquijor, albeit on a less prevalent scale as it was before. I find that most people would look strangely on you if you mention that you’re traveling to Siquijor, the island having its reputation with the black arts, but once you get pass that—and it is really not a problem when on the island itself—the place would reward you with amazing tourist spots such as pristine beaches, amazing waterfalls, lush hiking trails, centuries old stone churches, and yes, even the sweetest people.   Siquijor Explore Tour   - Siquijor Church (St. Francis de Asisi)    - Siquijor Boulevard    - Capilay Spring Park    - Tubod Beach    - Lugnason Falls    - Balete Tree    - Lazi Church & Convent (San Isidro Labrador)    - Lunch    - Cambugahay Falls    - Kagusuan Beach    - Maria Church (Sta. Maria)    - Salagdoong Beach (Optional    - Snack at Lilibeth’s Pan Bisaya    - Guiwanon Spring Park Back at resort  - Massage with the Local Healer (Optional) *END OF DAYTOUR ITINERARY