People Power Monument


Honours the 1986 'People Power' revolution that overthrew then-dictator Ferdinand Marcos.

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1. Art In Island

1.58 MILES

This is an art museum where you become the subject. It contains scores of three-dimensional murals and paintings designed to play tricks on your camera…

2. Monument to Boy Scouts

2.89 MILES

A rotunda memorial at the busy intersection of T Morato and Timog Ave, which commemorates the 24 boy scouts who died in a plane crash in 1963.

3. Museo Ng Makati

2.92 MILES

Down by the river, the Museo Ng Makati is a classic old Manila house from the 1800s (look for the capiz-shell windows). Inside are some great photos of…

4. Pineapple Lab

3.02 MILES

A gallery and creative events space in Makati. Soon to relocate to upper Burgos St.

5. Marikina Shoe Museum

3.07 MILES

A must for Imelda Marcos junkies is the Marikina Shoe Museum. There's the footwear of various Filipino luminaries on display here, but it's Imelda’s shoes…

6. Mind Museum

3.43 MILES

This excellent science museum succeeds in balancing education with fun, with plenty of cool interactive exhibits, including a planetarium, a printing…

7. Pinto Art Museum

3.56 MILES

This fantastic museum in Antipolo, in the hills just east of Metro Manila, showcases some of the Philippines' best contemporary artists. There are six…

8. Quezon Memorial Shrine

3.56 MILES

In the middle of Quezon Memorial Circle rises this 36m towering art-deco monument topped by three angels above the mausoleum of former president Manuel…