Bandila-an Mountain View Park


This park is essentially a public garden with lots of flowers, walking paths and little pavilions for picnics. It's great for bird- and butterfly-watching. It's 3km east of Cantabon and is also accessible from Lazi.

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1. Mt Bandila-an

0.28 MILES

Siquijor's highest peak, Mt Bandila-an (557m), is near Cantabon. Concrete steps lead 10 minutes up to the peak from two clearly marked points on the road…

2. Bandila-an Nature Centre

0.42 MILES

The nature centre has been largely neglected but does have walking trails and some impressive trees and other floral life. It's 2km east of Cantabon.

3. Cambugahay Falls


From Lazi, a sealed road leads 2km north to these refreshing falls on the Po-o River. Above the falls, there's a paid parking bay on your left for your…

4. Lugnason Falls

5.01 MILES

From barangay Tubod, a paved road leads 3km up to this pleasant waterfall, which cascades into a crisp and clean teal-green swimming hole. You can jump…

5. Balete Tree

5.04 MILES

Just west of the village of Campalanas is a tremendous balete tree (banyan tree), estimated to be 400 years old and believed by some to be enchanted. In…

6. Siquijor Heritage Museum

5.16 MILES

Upstairs in the San Isidro Convent building is this small museum, with historical photographs and a few old santos.

7. San Isidro Convent

5.17 MILES

Opposite the San Isidro Labrador Church, flanked by centuries-old acacia trees, is the oldest Catholic convent in the Philippines, a magnificent timber…

8. San Isidro Labrador Church

5.18 MILES

The impressive and stylishly time-worn pink-coral-stone and timber San Isidro Labrador Church was built in 1884.