Iglesia de San Agustín


Iglesia de San Agustín has a finely gilded high altar and dates from 1558.

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1. Casona Orbegoso

0.03 MILES

Named after a former president of Peru, this beautiful 18th-century corner manor is home to a collection of well-worn art and period furnishings, but its…

2. Iglesia de la Merced

0.11 MILES

Worth a flyby is the 17th-century Iglesia de la Merced, which has a striking organ and cupola. Uniquely, an altar here is painted on the wall, an…

3. Casa de Urquiaga

0.11 MILES

Owned and maintained by Banco Central de la Reserva del Perú since 1972, this beautiful colonial mansion’s history dates to 1604, though the original…

4. Casa de la Emancipación

0.14 MILES

Now the Banco BBVA Continental, this building features a mishmash of colonial and Republican styles and is best known as the site where Trujillo’s…

5. Iglesia de Belén

0.15 MILES

This noteworthy central church has twin towers and was built around the turn of the 17th century.

6. Basilica Menor Catedral

0.17 MILES

Known simply as ‘La Catedral,’ this bright, canary-yellow church fronting the plaza was begun in 1647, destroyed in 1759, and rebuilt soon afterward. The…

7. Casa de Mayorazgo de Facala

0.19 MILES

The 1709 Casa de Mayorazgo de Facala mansion now houses Scotiabank, and is a great example of colonial architecture.

8. Museo de Arqueología

0.19 MILES

This well-curated museum features a rundown of Peruvian history from 12,000 BC to the present day, with an emphasis on Moche, Chimú and Inca civilizations…