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Flights to Papua New Guinea

The best price found from United States to Papua New Guinea is on October 19th, 2018, travelling with Cathay Pacific. See more options, compare prices and book: search flights.

Washington Dulles
from $1197.00
Port Moresby

Getting around by air

About 2000 airstrips have been cut out of the bush or into hill tops and coral islands during the last 80 years or so. Although less than a quarter of these airstrips are regularly used today, PNG is heavily reliant on air transport to connect its isolated and scattered population. It is worth remembering the following points when travelling by air around PNG:

  • For lighter aircraft, the baggage limit is 16kg (but 20kg is usually accepted). Excess-baggage charges are reasonable but can add up.
  • Some remote strips have no facilities, just a guy with a two-way radio who meets the flights, and at many of these remote strips you’ll have to buy your ticket direct from the pilot – cash only.
  • Outside the main centres (or when the phones lines are down) don’t rely on being able to pay for anything by credit card.
  • Unpredictable weather combined with mechanical problems and complex schedules can frequently lead to delays or cancellations.

Airlines in the Region

Local offices are listed on airline websites.

Air Niugini The major carrier in PNG operating larger planes to the larger centres.

PNG Air Formerly known as Airlines PNG, this is the main secondary airline in PNG with an extensive route map to major and minor airports across the country.

North Coast Aviation Covers remote destinations out of Lae.

Travel Air The country’s newest airline, with a rapidly expanding network.


Nobody pays the full fare for Air Niugini or PNG Air domestic flights. Both airlines have a number of different pricing tiers and each flight usually has a limited number of seats at discounted rates. Obviously the cheap seats are the first to go so book as early as possible to get the cheapest rate.

It’s worth remembering that the cheaper fares are usually subject to all manner of restrictions (including nonrefundable cancellations or penalties for date changes). Take the time to read the fine print.