Varirata National Park

Top choice in Port Moresby

Right after the small store at Laloki River Gorge is the turn-off to Varirata National Park which, at 1000 hectares and over 800m high, is the highlight of the Sogeri Rd. It's 8km from the turn-off and you'll find several clearly marked walking trails among the pine trees, ranging from 45 minutes to three hours long, and some excellent lookouts back to Port Moresby and the coast. Birdwatchers may spot such feathered highlights as kingfishers and Raggiana birds of paradise.

It's possible to camp here, but unless you're in a large group, it's potentially unsafe. The best place is on the grass outside the derelict huts. There are pit toilets. Speak to the ranger-in-charge (if you can find him!).

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