The main Parliament Haus building is in the style of a Maprik- or Sepik-style haus tambaran, while the attached, circular cafeteria follows Highland design principles and a mosaic features unmistakably PNG motifs.

The cavernous lobby is entered through doors whose handles are stylised kundu drums (an hourglass-shaped drum with lizard skin). Inside, a towering wood carving represents the four regions of PNG. The receptionists are usually happy to walk and talk you through the building’s design and history.

Tucked away, several glass displays showcase the nation’s wondrous insect life, including the native Queen Alexandra’s Birdwing (the world’s largest butterfly, with a 30cm wingspan).

It’s possible to visit the chamber and witness parliament when it’s sitting.

A taxi from Boroko costs about K40 or K50 from Town. Alternatively, take a PMV along Waigani Dr, get out at the white, empty Pineapple Building, and walk about 2km northeast.