Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Port Moresby attractions

1. Ela Beach

0.33 MILES

On the southern side of Town is the long, sandy stretch of Ela Beach. The beachfront promenade is a popular walk during the day and there are usually some…

5. Paga Point

0.95 MILES

The harbour headland, Paga Point, is adjacent to Town. It’s worth walking to the top of Paga Hill for the fine views over the town, the harbour and the…

6. Koki

1.09 MILES

The picturesque stilt village of Koki, at the eastern end of Ela Beach, is worth visiting if you can find a local to take you. The best way to do that is…

7. Hanuabada

1.53 MILES

Past the docks to the north lies Hanuabada, the original Motu village. Although it is still built over the sea on stilts, the original wood and thatched…