Qurm Park


This large and attractive park boasts a lake and shade for picnics. A fun park called Marah Land sits alongside, inviting families to make a day of it.

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1. Marah Land

0.26 MILES

Set inside the attractively landscaped Qurm Park, this funfair (with Ferris wheel and an ever-growing number of rides) is a local favourite. Restaurants,…

2. Children’s Museum

0.56 MILES

Children love this small museum (in a well-signposted domed building near Qurm Park) as it has been designed to be specifically intuitive and tactile with…

3. Qurm Beach

0.76 MILES

A road runs along the edge of Qurm Nature Reserve towards the Crowne Plaza Muscat hotel, giving access to a long, sandy beach – a popular place for…

4. Qurm Nature Reserve

0.88 MILES

Protecting a rare stretch of mangrove, this reserve is closed to visitors. That said, it's possible to sit in adjacent coffee shops and do some…

5. Planetarium

1.32 MILES

The Planetarium offers exciting free shows approximately once a month, helping to navigate the night sky. Visit here before heading out to the desert if…

6. PDO Oil & Gas Exhibition

1.33 MILES

Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) is responsible for much of the rapid growth of infrastructure throughout the country, as outlined in the interesting…

7. Sultan’s Armed Forces Museum

3.66 MILES

Despite the name, this excellent museum is far more than just a display of military hardware. The collection is housed in Bayt Al Falaj, built in 1845 as…

8. Ruwi Clock Tower

4.15 MILES

This modern clock tower, opposite Muscat's Chamber of Commerce, has become one of the landmarks of Ruwi. It presides over a pleasant park that attracts…