Wadi Arbeieen

Northern Coast

High above the coast, in the wrinkled folds of the Eastern Hajar Mountains, a combination of spring and rain water collects in deep pools along the length of Wadi Arbeieen. The area is accessible (from Hwy 17) by 4WD along the wadi bottom from Dibab, though after prolonged rains may only be navigable for a few kilometres. Any outing in this area, however, is rewarding for the beautiful mountain landscape, turquoise pools and birdlife that congregates in the waterside reeds and bushes.

Wadi Arbeieen is also accessible from Mazara along a rough track that is notable for its striking desert formations. The wind has eroded the sandstone here into a textbook of desert forms, such as mushrooms and yardangs. Hiking trips here can be organised through Husaak Adventures.