Wadi Tiwi


With its string of emerald pools and thick plantations, Wadi Tiwi almost rivals its neighbour, Wadi Shab, in beauty, especially in spring when the allotments either side of the wadi turn a vivid green. It's known as the ‘Wadi of Nine Villages’, and there's a sealed road along the wadi bottom and up through the villages. Although it's accessible by car, villagers prefer visitors to approach the upper villages on foot as it's easy to get large vehicles stuck between plantation walls.

The wadi opens to the sea at the Sur end of Tiwi village. Donkeys and herons share the knee-deep grass at the mouth of the wadi. Unfortunately, you will also spot the giant highway pylons across the once picturesque wadi entrance. There is no public transport, but tours of Wadi Tiwi can be arranged from hotels in Sur.

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