Telegraph Island


This tiny spit of land is only accessible at high tide, and it's easy to imagine how those posted on the island, when it housed a British telegraphic relay station in the 19th century, went mad from isolation. There's nothing to do on the abandoned island, but snorkelling and swimming in the pristine surrounding waters is a highlight.

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Nearby Musandam attractions

1. Khor Al Sham

0.26 MILES

This beautiful inlet is interesting for its stone fishing villages, accessible only by boat, and for Telegraph Island, which dots the middle of the bay…

2. Khmazera Castle

5.62 MILES

Buried in the heart of town (brown signs show the way), this small fortified house sports two cannons at the doorway, a renovated well in the courtyard…

3. Khasab Fort

5.83 MILES

With its command of the bay sadly diminished since Lulu Hypermarket was built on reclaimed land opposite, Khasab Fort nonetheless cuts quite a dash with…

4. Bassa Beach

6.69 MILES

Located a 2km walk from the ferry terminal, this sandy beach has shade and toilets and is the nearest place to Khasab for a swim. Wild camping is…

5. Khor Al Najd Viewpoint

7.23 MILES

Located 24.5km southeast of Khasab, Khor Al Najd is the only khor (inlet) accessible by vehicle (preferably 4WD). You can camp on the rim of this wild bay…

6. Petroglyphs

7.49 MILES

About 8km from Khasab harbour lies the village of Tawi, site of a few prehistoric rock carvings of boats, houses and warriors on horseback. To reach these…

7. Al Khalidiyah

8.46 MILES

From the base of the track to Khor Al Najd, a road leads to the village of Sal Alaa and Al Khalidiyah, an inland bowl full of magnificent mature trees…

8. Kumzar

10.83 MILES

Set on an isolated khor (inlet) at the northern edge of the peninsula, the surprisingly modern town of Kumzar is accessible only by boat. The villagers…